Using X-Keys to control StudioPro

It is possible to use an X-keys controller to control aspects of StudioPro. The external deck can be used to switch scenes, perform different transitions, start/stop recording & streaming or any actions available as Hotkeys.

Firstly you will need to customise the button setup of your controller. Once you are happy with your X-keys setup, plug your controller into an available USB port. The drivers should automatically install. however if they don't then please visit the X-Keys Support portal to locate and download the appropriate drivers.

Next you will need to install the Macroworks software, to do this, visit the  P.I Engineering website and download Macroworks 3.1

Once installed, open Macroworks 3.1 and if your drivers have installed correctly your device will be visible straight away within the Device dropdown box.


To record a hotkey shortcut to a particular button on your controller, double click on the desired key.


This will open the Macro window for the selected key.


In the Press Macro Event section, type in whatever shortcut you want that button to perform. Note: you will need to have your Hotkeys set up already within StudioPro. For help with this see the Hotkeys article.

When entered, press Save.


You will now see a blue tick on the button when back on the main application to indicate you have saved this correctly.


Before you can use this button to operate your StudioPro Hotkey you will need to close the Macroworks application and write the Macro to the controller. Close the app and select Write To Device when prompted.write_to_device.PNG 

When you re-open the application back up you should see that the Macro has been written to the controller correctly by the two black icons above your assigned key.


Once the Macro is written to the controller, you can press the button and that will perform whatever action you have set it to do on StudioPro.

You can repeat the process for each button you wish to use to perform a Hotkey.

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