Introduce Zoom Rooms callers via NDI

You can utilise Zoom Rooms to introduce Zoom callers into your StudioPro productions with discrete audio using NDI, giving you more control of your Zoom guest audio. 

You can use this solution with an already existing Zoom Room or even on a smaller scale by downloading the Zoom Room application onto a unit with a camera and microphone.

Firstly you will need to download and install the Zoom Room application, you can download this here. This needs to run on the unit acting as your Zoom Room.

Once installed, sign into the app using your Zoom Room enabled Zoom account. Please note, Zoom Rooms is a paid service and not available using the free version of Zoom. For more information on Zoom Room's pricing, please see here.


Once you are signed into app on your Zoom Room device, you should see the room within the settings of your Zoom account.

Click on the Zoom Room. You'll see all devices associated with that room.

You'll need to configure the NDI before starting a meeting. Click Room Settings.

Select the Meeting tab.

Scroll down to In Meeting Advanced and tick Separate Audio, from here you can also set the resolution and frame rate of your NDI.

You'll then need a controller for the room. You can use a mobile device or another PC. You can even add the controller as an app to the Zoom meetings app. Click Apps.


Search for Zoom Rooms and install the app.


In My Apps, select Zoom Rooms Controller.


Click Control Nearby Room. The room will need to be on the same network as the controller.


Make a note of the Sharing Key in the top-right corner.


Enter the Sharing Key that you have made a note of into the Controller.


From here, you can control the devices and settings of the room and the meeting. Click New Meeting.


Invite guests as you would for any Zoom meeting.


Once your guests have joined your Zoom call, you can assign NDI outputs ready to be brought into StudioPro

Back on the controller, click View.


Then click Live On NDI.


Assign your callers to NDI outputs. There are 12 available NDI outputs.


You are now ready to add your Zoom caller into your StudioPro production. Click Add Source.

Select NDI Source from the dropdown menu, then click Add Source.


Give the source a friendly name (i.e. Zoom 1).


Select the NDI source you assigned previously in Zoom.


Repeat this process for all the Zoom callers you wish to add into your StudioPro production.

You've now brought multiple Zoom callers into your production, all with separate audio tracks. 

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