Introduce Zoom callers

Cre8 allows you to easily introduce Zoom callers into your productions. To introduce Zoom callers, the Zoom application is required.


Configuring Zoom calling

Navigate to the Zoom website and install the Zoom application. It is recommended that this is run on a separate laptop or PC. Once installed. locate and open the Zoom application from the desktop. Once open, you will need to login to an existing Zoom account or register. It is strongly recommended that a new account is registered and dedicated to introducing Zoom callers into Cre8.



Adding Zoom callers into your scenes

To add a Zoom caller you will firstly need to create a new Zoom meeting. To do this, launch Zoom and select New Meeting. Once your meeting has been created, select Participants from the control bar, then select Invite. Copy the invite link, and invite your Zoom contributors.


Depending on your Zoom settings, your guests may need to be approved to join your meeting. To approve select Participants from the control bar, then select Admit next to your waiting guests.

Once your Zoom callers have joined your Zoom meeting, you will need to add these as a source into the STS410. Within the scene you would like to add your Zoom caller, select the plus-icon.png icon to add a new source, locate ‘Zoom Caller’ then click Add Source.


Select Create new, then enter a friendly name for your source, e.g Zoom Caller #1 (John), then click OK.


When the Properties dialog box opens, you will be prompted to enter the Meeting URL. Navigate back to your Zoom meeting, select Participants > Invite > Copy Invite Link.


Returning back to the Cre8 interface, paste the copied link in into Meeting URL then click OK. A new user called ‘Cre8’ will now join your meeting, please note that depending on your Zoom settings the Cre8 may need to be admitted into the meeting.


Once joined you will see all users displayed within the call. Next select your Zoom source, then click Interact.

Within the pop-out window, double click the Zoom caller you would like to focus on to enlarge them, then double click the large preview to set full screen.


This process would need to be repeated to add all callers to your production.

When adding a single Zoom caller to multiple scenes, it is good practice to add your existing sources rather than creating a new source. To do this, within your scene, select the plus-icon.png icon, locate Zoom Caller then click Add Source. Now select Add Existing and then select the name of the source added previously. This will keep all your previously configured settings and selected source for your caller.


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