Registering to the Quicklink Manager

To register to the Quicklink Manager you will firstly need to obtain a unique registration URL. This URL can be obtained by emailing your Sales representative or the Quicklink Support team at

Once you have obtained your registration URL, enter it into a web browser. Next, enter a company name, username, first name, last name, email, mobile number and password.

A verification pop up will appear asking you to verify via SMS or email. Select whichever method you wish to use, press Send Code.

Once you have received the verification code, enter it into the pop up window and click Sign Up. If you haven't receive a code, firstly check your junk mail. Alternatively you can click to resend the code or change the verification method if you realise you don't have access to your original choice.


Once completed you will be re-directed to the Quicklink Manager where you can sign in.


If you are registering for an account in order to sign in to the Quicklink Control Panel, then see the Register Channels section in our Quick Start Guide

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