Enabling notifications and audible alerts

Within the QuickLink StudioManagerit is possible to enable notifications. Notifications are triggered when users do certain actions, and are then displayed at the bottom of the QuickLink StudioManager interface notifying an operator of the action. Current notifications include when a user has joined and is waiting to be connected, when a user raises their hand to gain the attention of an operator and more!

Once you are logged in to your QuickLink StudioManager Portal, click on the account name. 

Then from the dropdown menu select Advanced Settings. 

This will open the Advanced Settings window. From here you can turn on Notifications by ticking the box next to Enable Notifications

With this box ticked, another box appears underneath it for Enable Notification Sounds. Enabling this option will give an audible alert when notifications happen.

Selecting this option will allow you to select the exact actions you would like for audible alerts. You can choose to have Entry Sounds and/or Raised Hand sounds. 

These settings are useful if you want an audible cue to let you know when someone has joined the QuickLink Manager or when your contributor has raised their hand to draw attention to themselves respectfully.

Once you're happy with your settings, click Save

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