Can I delete a sent guest invite?

Guest links automatically expire once the expiry time has been reached, however, there are times where you would like to delete a guest invite prematurely. Perhaps you have sent a guest invite by mistake, sent it to the wrong email or need to de-activate a link after your guest has contributed and would like to avoid them opening the link again and appearing in your interface. This is easily achievable within the QuickLink StudioManager.

If you've sent a link via any means you can find it again when in your portal by clicking on your account name. 

To delete a sent guest invite, click your account name in the top-right when logged into the QuickLink StudioManager.

Click Manage Accounts/Guests/Hardware from the drop down menu.

Next, navigate to the Guests tab to display all created guest invites.

Locate and click the guest invite you would like to delete.

A popup will display showing the details of the selected guest. To delete the guest invite, simply select the Delete Guest button.

An additional popup will appear to confirm guest link deletion. Click Yes.

Your guest invite has now been deleted and will be removed from your guest list. If your guest now clicks the deleted invite link, they will be prompted with a message notifying that the guest pass as expired as follows:

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