Are there API controls for the QuickLink StudioManager?

Yes, a number of API controls are available for the QuickLink StudioManager.

In order to run API's we would recommend you create an API test account and then we can point you to our API PSIO. This is so that running APIs won't affect your main account and broadcasts. Please contact the QuickLink Support Team to arrange this. 

We can then send you the link to our API page and from here you can run APIs.

In order to run an API, navigate to the API test page (this can be requested from QuickLink Support).

You will firstly need to authenticate . Select the Authentication tab, then enter your Username and Password for your QuickLink StudioManager administrator account. Then select Run Api.

You will now see the URL and Response appear if authentication has been successful.

Once logged in, you will now see Tokens in the boxes so, that if you run the API you will now see data. For example, here is the result when the Room List API is run for a test account. 

In this example, we are running an API to return a list of all rooms.

There are many other useful APIs on this page including returning a list of all users, moving a contributor into a room, removing a contributor from a room, managing audio/video devices, creating individual or bulk guest invites, and more.

If you would like to request an API that isn't currently available, please email the Support team at

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