Can a guest be removed from the QuickLink StudioManager?

There are two ways to remove a guest from your QuickLink StudioManager portal.

The first, and recommended method is utilising the Terminate user session feature which redirects your user to an end screen that prompts user feedback. To achieve this you will firstly need to ensure the option is enabled. Within your QuickLink StudioManager, open your user settings, then select Advanced Settings.

Ensure that the Rating option is enabled. If enabled, return to your QuickLink StudioManager interface.

Now to remote a guest from the QuickLink StudioManager, simply drag a user from a room into the device into the Terminate user session box.

Your user will now be redirected to an end page, with the option to send feedback.

The second method of removing a guest is through the users settings, this method sends a user to a expired guest page, and does not show the option to leave feedback. Within your QuickLink StudioManager, this can be achieved by clicking the settings cog icon from the device list or by clicking on the guest's device when in a call.

This will pop up up the settings window for the selected. From here, change the Remove Guest setting from false to true

Click Confirm to remove your guest.


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