Introduce Slack callers

With StudioPro it is possible to introduce Slack callers into your productions. This is achieved by using the Display Capture or Window Capture sources.

You'll firstly need to be signed in to Slack either in a bowser or on the Desktop app.

Select or add a channel to start a call. 

Next, click your account in the top-right hand corner to view channel members. 

Within the channel window, select Start a Call


A message will appear prompting to confirm the call, click Start Call.


The call will open in a separate window. Maximise this window so it's ready to be brought into StudioPro.

Within StudioPro select the Scene you wish to, then add a source.

From the dropdown menu, select either Window or Display CaptureWindow capture captures a specific window you select and Display Capture captures a specific display. The workflow is the same and is completely up to your preference. When you've selected, click Add Source. For this example we'll use Display Capture.


Give your source a friendly name and click OK


From the Properties window, select which display you wish to capture. Ensure that the Capture Cursor option is disable, then click OK

You have now brought in a Slack call via Display Capture which is now ready to use in your production. 

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