Introduce a remote camera source using VDO.Ninja

VDO.Ninja is a 100% free, ultra-low latency Peer-to-Peer forwarding technology that can be used to bring in live remote video from a smartphone or computer directly into StudioPro.

To begin, navigate to VDO.Ninja on the device (PC, Mac or smartphone) that you would like to add into your production. On the webpage, select Add your Camera to OBS.

Next you will need to configure your video and audio settings settings. Firstly, choose your video device that you would like to add into your production. Selecting the settings icon will also allow you to select your preferred quality.

Next, select the audio device that you would like to use. 

Select your speakers or headphones from Audio Output Destination. Pressing the Test button will send a test tone to the output destination selected.

Lastly, you can also add video effects. This allows you to blur background, create a digital greenscreen or apply a virtual background.

When you're happy with your settings, click the START button.

Your remote camera source will now display in a call and will be ready to add in to your production. A URL will display at the top of this window. Copy this URL and share with the device running StudioPro.

Once you have obtained the VDO.Ninja URL from your remote device, select the scene you wish to add your remote camera source to, then click Add Source

Locate and select Browser from the Sources dropdown menu. Click Add Source.


Give your source a friendly name, then click OK


Within the URL option, paste the VDO.Ninja URL obtained from your remote device. Enable Control Audio via StudioPro. Click OK to add the source.


Your remote camera source will now appear and will be ready to use within your production.

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