Introduce VDO.Ninja callers

VDO.Ninja is a 100% free, ultra-low latency Peer-to-Peer forwarding technology that can be used to bring in remote callers into Cre8.

To begin, navigate to VDO.Ninja, then select Create a Room.

Within the pop-up window, enter a Room Name for your call.

It is also recommended to add a password. This password will need to be entered by each remote caller.

Next there are two available options which are dependent on your workflow. The first is an option to only allow your guests to only see the director (yourself as host), and not other guests within the call. The second is to allow the director (yourself as host) to also perform within the call, and means you'll appear in group scenes.

Lastly you will need to select your preferred video codec, either Default, VP9, H264, VP8 or AV1.

Once your settings are configured, press Enter the room's Control Center in the Director's role.

Your room now be created and you will redirect to the Control Room page. From here you can manage and view your guests.

You are now ready to begin inviting your remote guests. Within the INVITE A GUEST box, click copy link, then share with your remote guests.

Once your guests have joined your room, you will see them displayed within the Control Center. From here you can hang-up guests, highlight within calls, mute guests and privately talk (intercom),

You are now ready to add your guests to your production. Click the copy solo link below the guest you would like to add into your production.

On Cre8, select the scene you would like to add your VDO.Ninja caller to, then click the Add Source icon.

Locate and select the Browser source. Click Add Source.


Give your source a friendly name (i.e. VDO.Ninja Caller 1), then click OK.


The Browser properties window will appear. Paste the copied solo link from VDO.Ninja into the URL input box. Enable Control Audio via Cre8. Click OK to add your VDO.Ninja caller.


Your VDO.Ninja caller will now appear and will be ready to use within your production. Repeat the above steps to add additional VDO.Ninja callers if required.

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