Introduce an audio telephone caller using 3CX (PBX)

Introducing guests using audio telephone, or allowing guests to call into your production can add huge value to your StudioPro productions. One way this can be achieved is by using software-based PBX system such as 3CX Phone System.

For this, you'll need Virtual Cables, which are included within the StudioPro installation. However, if you don't have Virtual Cables installed, please follow the guide here.

Once you have 3CX installed and configured, click the home button at the bottom of the application to open the main menu.


Open the Preferences.


Within the Preferences, set the Sound Devices for your Speaker, use one of your available Virtual Audio Cables. You can also set Ringing as a separate Virtual Cable which will allow you to add a ringing tone into your StudioPro production.


You are now ready to add the source into your StudioPro production. Select the Scene that you would like to add your caller into, then click Add Source.

Select Audio Input Capture. Then click Add Source.

Give your Source a friendly name (i.e. Telephone Call). Click OK.

Choose the Audio Device. This will be the Virtual Cables you chose when configuring your PBX. Click OK to add your Source.

If you would also like to add a ringing tone after configuring above, repeat these steps and add the Audio Device that you assigned to Ringing.

You are now ready to test. Call the number, if you have configured correctly, you will see the audio bars within the Audio Mixer show audio.

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