Adding a Scene source to a scene

You can use a Scene source to quickly add all the elements from a previously built up Scene into another completely separate Scene. One possible use for this would be to apply a filter to all sources within a Scene simultaneously as opposed to individually. 

First, select the Scene you wish to add the source, then click Add Source in the Sources window. 

From the Add Source window, select Scene from the dropdown menu. Then click OK


Select the Scene you wish to add to another Scene. Click OK


You have now added that entire Scene into your new Scene.


As mentioned previously, you may now apply a filter directly to this Scene. Please note: This will also affect the original scene you have in your project by applying the filters.

To do this, select the Source and click Filters.

Select the filter you would like to use by clicking the plus.png icon and selecting your desired filter from the list. 


Give the filter a friendly name if you wish. Click OK


Apply the properties of the filter.


This effect has now been applied to the whole scene.


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