Scenes (similar to Mix-effect banks) are canvases that allow you to build up elements to create different views or shots. For example, in one scene you may have a full-screen shot of a remote guest with a title overlay, and in another, you would have a tile of remote guest A & remote guest B. Scenes can be made up of a source or multiple sources, and are built up using different layers, very similar to Adobe Photoshop.

Within a project, scenes are displayed horizontally within your StudioPro interface. By default this is shown as 1-24. An additional 24 scenes (25-48) can be accessed by toggling between the tab 1 and 2 from the right-hand side. The amount of scenes in your Project is fully configurable and can be increased up to 120 scenes. To configure the amount of scenes in your Project, open the settings window by clicking the settings-icon.png icon. Navigate to the Advanced tab, then scroll and locate the Scene Configuration section. From here, select the drop-down box associated with Scenes and select the amount of scenes you would like to display in your project.


From the Scene Configuration settings you can also combine Preview/Program. This is useful if you have a large number of scenes in your Project and want to switch between them quickly because you can see more scenes without having to switch pages.

By default, scenes are broken up between a line for Program, and a line for Preview. The active scene in program will be highlighted in red, while the active scene in preview will be highlighted in green. This appears as follows:

scene-inactive.png  Scene is not in Preview or Program.
scene-preview.png  Scene is in Preview.
scene-program.png  Scene is in Program.


By default scene names are defaulted as 1-120, however it is recommended that scenes are renamed when building your productions. Scenes can be renamed by right-clicking the scene within the Preview line, and selecting Rename. Enter your new name, then hit the enter key to save.

You can also rearrange scenes by clicking and dragging them into different positions. 

Scenes are switched between either by activating a Transition from the transition bar or by double clicking on the scene in the Program line. This needs to be activated in Advanced settings also. 


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