Filters allow you to add various effects, filters or actions to sources to achieve a variety of actions. Actions that can be achieved by using filters include cropping sources, applying green screen affects, image mask/blends, adding delays and more!

All the available filters that can be applied to sources are explained below:

Available Audio/Video filters:

  • Compressor: Automatically lowers a sources volume to reduce the likelihood of it peaking above 0db.
  • Dedicated NDI™ output (Audio only): Created a dedicated NDI audio output of any source.
  • Expander: Reduces background noise of a source.
  • Gain: Add gain to increase output volume.
  • Invert Polarity: Used to correct phase cancellation issues.
  • Limiter: Prevent audio from peaking above 0dB
  • Noise Gate: Cut off background noise.
  • Noise Suppression: Removed mild background noise or white noise.

Available Effect filters:

  • Apply LUT: Replace video colours with different colours.
  • Chroma Key: Removes background of your source to make it transparent, used for green screening your source.
  • Colour Correction: Change the contract, brightness, gamma, saturation, hue shift and opacity of your sequence.
  • Colour Key: Removes background of your source to make it transparent, used for adding a background/ to a source.
  • Crop/Pad: Crop or add padding to the left, top, right and bottom of your source.
  • Dedicated NDI output: Created a dedicated NDI output of any source. Read more »
  • Image Mask/Blend: Show/hide a part of source based on a mask you apply.
  • Luma Key: Removes solid white/back backgrounds.
  • Scaling/Aspect Ratio: Change the scale filtering and resolution/aspect of a source.
  • Scroll: Make a source scrollable from left-to-right, top-to-bottom, etc.
  • Sharpen: Add sharpness to a blurry source.


Adding a filter

To add a filter to your source, firstly select the source that you would like to apply a filter, then click the Filters button within the source toolbar.

Filters are generally split between Audio/Video Filters and Effect filters, however the filters available can vary depending on the source selected. Select the effect-filter-plus-icon.png icon, then add your desired filter.


Depending on the filter selected, you will now be directed through the different properties of the selected filter. When finished click Close to apply your filter.

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