Adding DMX lights

A fundamental element of a remote studio is lighting, which can make or break a production. With QuickLink StudioRemote you can very easily integrate DMX lights into your studio that can be remotely controlled using the StudioRemote web-based interface.

Click the SETTINGS button in the StudioRemote interface to add a DMX light.

From the settings window, click the SETUP tab.


Next, select the LIGHTING tab. 


Click the plus icon to add your first light.


Firstly you may want to enter a friendly name for your light, this is what the light will display in your interface. Next, you will want to configure the light settings, click the down arrow to expand the settings.

Light settings.png

Check the box next to each channel to activate it. How many you add will depend on the light you are using and the amount of control you need.


You can then set the DMX channels themselves. Again, these will depend on your light and what you want to control. For example; 1 might be Brightness and 2 Colour Temperature.

DMX channel.png

You can also label these if you wish too, this is how the DMX channels will be labelled in your interface. When you're done, click SAVE.

Channel names.png

You will now be able to view and control your DMX light from the StudioRemote interface.

You can now use the slider bars to get your shot lit just right.

To add further DMX lights, please repeat the steps listed above.

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