Output configurations

Using the OUTPUT feature of QuickLink StudioRemote, you can very easily put together the final elements of your production. Whether this is a studio backdrop, comfort/confidence monitor for your presenters or IFB you can achieve this simply and quickly.

To configure an output, click SETTINGS.

From the Settings window, navigate to the OUTPUT tab.


From here you have 4 assignable 'Displays' and 1 'Decklink' output that is pre-assigned to output your Program feed. M1-4 relates to external monitors and M5 can be assigned to the SDI ports on the back of your unit. For more technical information, check here.

Decklink and Display.png

Each of your Displays can be set to either Multiview, Quicklink Studio or Media File. ASSIGN the output type you want. 


Next, select the device you want to send your output. Your options will depend on what you have connected to your device. 


Your output is now being sent to your selected device. In this example, a Multiview output is being sent to a monitor in the Studio. 

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