Setting up studio backdrop

Including a video backdrop in your studio can be the perfect touch to creating a professional and dynamic remote studio. With Quicklink Remote Studio you can very quickly and easily set up a video backdrop for your studio using Outputs.

To configure a backdrop, from the Remote Studio interface, click SETTINGS.

From the Settings window, navigate to the OUTPUT tab.


You will now want to assign a device to your display. Click ASSIGN, then select the type you wish to display.

  • Quicklink Studio: output a Quicklink Studio caller.
  • Media File: output a media file, such as an MP4.

In this example, we will use a Media File.

Media FIle.png

Once the Media File is selected as the device type, click BROWSE to locate the media file you would like to use as your backdrop. This will open the video directory of your ST250, which is where you will need to store media files that you would like to use as a backdrop.


Locate and select the media file you would like to use, then click OK.


If you would like the file to loop, enable the Loop option.


When you are ready to start the output, click START. This will display a list of available monitor devices that are connected to your ST250. Select the display you wish to use, the output will then start automatically.


You have now successfully set up a studio backdrop for your production.

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