Setting up a confidence monitor

A confidence/comfort monitor could well be a key aspect of your remote studio set-up. Whether this is a feed of the live output, camera feed or PowerPoint slides this is easy to set up and manage in the Quicklink Remote Studio interface.

There are a couple of different ways you could achieve this depending on your setup and what you're requiring as a confidence monitor;

  • Multiview; output a preview of all camera inputs.
  • SDI; output a studio feed, PowerPoint slides, and more.



Open up the settings window by clicking SETTINGS.


Next, click the OUTPUT tab.


From this window, you will configure your monitor outputs. Click the Assign button next to a Display output.


Select the type of output you want to send to your comfort monitor. For this example, we will select Multiview to output a confidence monitor of all camera inputs.

Output type.png

Click the START option, then select the device you wish to display the output from the list of available devices.

Select monitor.png

Your output will automatically start and you will see the feed you have selected on your confidence monitor in your remote studio.




Another way would be to send the signal out via SDI, through a converter and then into a comfort monitor via HDMI. You have 5 available SDI outputs if you are not using any as inputs.

To set up an SDI output, open Settings and navigate to the OUTPUT tab. Next, select the SDI you wish to output under the Decklink section of the OUTPUT tab.


Click START to output the signal. 


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