Adding audio devices

One of the core elements of your remote studio is audio. QuickLink StudioRemote allows you to add multiple audio devices that can be remotely controlled from the easy-to-use interface.

Click the SETTINGS button in the StudioRemote interface to add an audio device.

From the settings window, click the SETUP tab.


Next, select the AUDIO tab.


Click the plus icon to add your audio device.


You can add up to 4 pre-amp channels. These relate to XLR inputs on the front of the QuickLink ST250. From this window you can also give your audio devices a custom-friendly name to your audio device, which will appear in the interface (e.g. John's Microphone). When you have added all the channels you need, click SAVE

Preamp channels.png

You have now successfully added your pre-amp channels, used to bring in microphones to your production.

Using the GAIN fader you can adjust your input levels and use the signal meter to test audio levels.

As well as gain control, the master fader (Program) allows you to adjust your overall output.

From the StudioRemote interface, you can also toggle mute/unmute of all audio devices.

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