Monitoring audio in the Audio Mixer

StudioPro gives the ability to monitor your audio sources, program, and aux buses. This feature is extremely useful to help ensure your production production has the best sounding audio. Headphones, speakers or any other audio output devices can be used to monitor audio within StudioPro. 

Before monitoring audio, you will need to configure your audio output device. Open the StudioPro settings by selecting the settings-icon.png icon, then navigate to the Audio tab.


Locate the Advanced section, then change the Monitoring Device to the audio output device of your choice from the drop-down. When selected, click Apply and OK to save.


Once your audio device has been configured you are now ready to begin monitoring your audio. Returning back to the StudioPro main interface, locate the audio device you would like to monitor, then select the headphone.png icon. The icon will now turn green and the audio for the selected audio device will begin playout out of the audio output device configured previously.


To stop monitoring the audio for the selected audio device, simply press the green headphone-green.png icon.

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