Grouping audio in the Audio Mixer

For interface simplicity within a project with many audio devices, audio devices within your production can be grouped. Within the Audio Mixer, ALL and LIVE audio devices can be switched between.

  • ALL: Displays all audio devices within your production, displayed in alphabetical order.
  • LIVE: Displays the active audio devices that are in Program.

In addition, within the Quicklink Switcher settings you can assign and create up to 10 audio device groups. This feature is extremely useful when controlling and monitoring productions with a large amount of audio devices.

To create an audio group, open the Quicklink Switcher settings by selecting the settings-icon.png icon, then navigate to the Audio tab.


Scroll down to the Audio Mixer Grouping section. From here you will see a list of all audio devices within your production, with the option to assign to an audio group. Select the audio groups for your chosen audio sources, then select Apply and OK to save your grouping.


Within your Audio Mixer, you will now see tabs of the assigned groups. Switching between tabs will dynamically display the audio devices assigned within that group.

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