Adding an image source to a scene

The Image source allows you to add various image types to your production. This source can be used to add a logo to a production or add a background, among many more possibilities.

Using this source, most image formats are supported. Including bmp, tga, png, jpeg, jpg, and gif. Alpha channel support is also available where applicable.


Adding an image source

To add an image to your production, firstly select the scene you would like to add the source, then click the plus.png icon within the Sources window.


Within the Sources drop-down, select the Image source, then click Add Source.


You will now be prompted to create a new or add existing. Select Create new and give your Image source a name. It is good practice to give all sources a friendly name, as this helps when adding existing sources and understanding what sources are within scenes. Enter a friendly name for your Image (e.g. QuickLink logo), then click OK.


Next you will need to locate your image file. Within the Image File selection, click Browse. This will open your File Explorer, locate and select your image file then click Open.


Your selected image file will now appear in the preview, and the image file path will be shown. Click OK to add the image to your scene.


Your image will now appear in your scene. From here you can now resize or move by selecting the image in the Preview window. When selected, the Source toolbar located at the bottom of the interface will allow you to access the image properties, transform settings and apply filters.


Selecting the Transform button from the toolbar will allow you to select transform options. Including options to stretch/center image, center vertically or horizontally, flip vertically or horizontally, or rotate your image.


Selecting the Edit Transform option will allow you to tune position, rotation, size and crop of your image.



If you prefer, you can click and drag the image itself to move it around and resize it from any of the grab points. Make sure to have you Snap settings set to how you would like them in Advanced Settings. 



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