Adding a media source to a scene

The Media Source allows you to bring in numerous types of audio or video files to use within your production. Currently StudioPro supports .mp4, .ts, .mov, .flv, .mkv, .avi, .gif, .webm video formats and .mp3, .aac, .ogg, .wav audio formats


Adding a media source

To add a media source to your scene firstly, select the scene you would like to add your media source into, then click the plus.png icon within the Sources window. 


Within the Sources drop down menu, scroll down to Media Source then select Add Source.


You will now be prompted to create new or add existing. Select Create new and give your media source a name. It is good practice to give all sources a friendly name, as this helps when adding existing sources and understanding what sources are within scenes. Enter a friendly name for your media (e.g. Moving Background), then click OK.


The default choice will be to select a Media Source from the hardware StudioPro is installed on. You can select this file by clicking browse to the right of the Local File box. From there, navigate to where you have your video or audio file saved and select it. You have now selected your media to use within your production. 


Below this you can choose how the media behaves when active in a scene. 

  • Enabling Loop will mean the video or audio clip will play continuously until you press the stop icon. 
  • Restart playback when source becomes active will play the video or audio form the beginning when it is switched into Program. 
  • Select Use hardware decoding when available to use your GPU to decode your media instead of your CPU. If you have a decent GPU, this would be recommended. 
  • Show nothing when playback ends when selected will output a black screen after the media ends. When this is unchecked the media will freeze on the last frame of the video. 
  • Close file when active closes the file when source is not being used on recording or streaming.


You can also adjust the speed using the bar. The middle of the bar is 100% so, normal speed. Dragging the slider to the right will increase the speed and dragging it to the left will decrease the speed of your media.  


You can set the YUV Colour Range in the drop down menu. This can be set to Auto, Partial or Full. You can also apply alpha in linear space by ticking the checkbox. 



When you're happy with all your settings, click OK. 



You can preview your video or audio when in the preview window by clicking the play.PNG icon in the toolbar. Pressing stop will stop the media and set it back to the beginning. You can see the progress of the media on the bar and you'll also see the time passed and time remaining on the far right. 




If you're not choosing a local file you can manually enter the details for an SRT or RTMP media source or a Transport stream. For more information, see the articles here and here


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