Using the QuickLink Cloud-based Controller

The QuickLink Cloud-based controller is a web-based interface for scene/source selection and Lower Thirds control. The Controller can be accessed from any desktop, mobile or tablet device to remotely control shortcuts, switching and titles.

Access the QuickLink Cloud-based Controller:

For information on configuring and accessing the QuickLink Cloud-based controller, please refer to the Configuring the QuickLink Cloud-based Controller article.


Areas of the QuickLink Cloud-based Controller


A - Streaming, program record, project info and statistics

From here you can remotely start streaming, start program recording and view the current Project that is loaded within StudioPro.

Below, all stream, recording and StudioPro information is displayed. When streaming and program recording, the duration is displayed. Key information from StudioPro, such as running FPS and CPU usage are also displayed.

B - Lower Thirds, stream settings and other features

By selecting the Lower Thirds button, you can toggle to the Lower Thirds view - allowing you to add, edit, customise and run Lower Thirds. For more information on Lower Thirds, please refer to the Using QuickLink Lower Thirds article.

It is also possible to configure your stream settings by selecting the Settings button. Selecting the No sleep button allows your window to stay active, meaning your device will not lock or go into hibernation. Lastly, the Full Screen button allows you to enlarge the Cloud-based Controller to full screen.

C - Transition panel 

The transition panel is where you select the transition and transition type between one scene and another. Stingers configured within StudioPro will also appear as a transition. The duration of the stinger (i.e Fade) can also be configured from this area. The current selected transition type will appear in yellow, when ready to run your transition and switch between Preview and Program, hit Switch.

D - Program and Preview

The Program and Preview area displays all scenes that build up your project with their assigned names. From here you can select the scene you are ready to transition to in Preview (displayed in green), and the current scene in program (displayed in red).

E - Sources 

Within the Sources panel, all sources that build up the scene in Preview appear. By selecting the source you can choose to show/hide the source within the scene. Active sources display blue, if a source is hidden it will display grey.

F - Recorders

Here you can assign, and start recording individual sources or scenes. For instructions on recording sources, please refer to the Recording individual sources (ISO) article. Alternatively, for recording scenes, please refer to the Recording individual scenes (ISO) article.

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