Using Templates

Templates are pre-configured layouts that contain Placeholders and other Sources. Templates can be added to any Scene to quickly and easily build up a production without editing transform settings. Once added, you can quickly assign Sources to Placeholders to efficiently build up your production.

To use a Template simply go to a Scene and click Add Source.

Locate and Select Template from the Sources dropdown menu and click Add Source


You will see all available default and custom Templates in this window. Select the Template you would like to use, then click OK


That Template will now be loaded into your selected Scene.

Once added, you are now able to assign assign sources to each Placeholder. Once a source is assigned, your source will reflect across all instances of your assigned Placeholder. To assign a source, right-click on the Placeholder you wish to assign a source, hover over Assign Source then select the Source you would like to assign to your Placeholder.

You'll then see the source populate the Placeholder.

Do the same for all your Placeholders within your Template. 

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