Creating and adding a ticker

With StudioPro you can very easily add a scrolling ticker (sometimes known as "crawler", "crawl", "slide", "zipper", or "ticker tape") into your productions.

When creating a ticker it is recommended that it is added as a DSK source, which will allow you to add throughout a number of scenes and also apply show/hide transitions. This article will explain how to set up a ticker within a DSK. More information on DSK can be found in the DSK (Downstream Keyer) article.

To add a ticker, select an available Scene. For simplicity it is suggested this is added as a high level Scene (i.e Scene 48). Select this scene, then right-click and rename to something friendly such as 'Breaking News Ticker'.

Once added create the background for your ticker, this can be a simple Colour Source, image, video and more. Here we will just add a Breaking News graphic using the Image source and align at the bottom of our Scene.

You are now ready to add your ticker text. Click Add Source, then from the Sources, select the Text (GDI+) source. Click Add Source to add your Text (GDI+) source.

Enter a friendly name for your ticker (i.e. Ticker Text), then press OK to add your Source.

Once added, select the font type, size and apply any font style/effects. Once you have configured your font, click OK.

You are now ready to enter your ticker text. Within the Text field, enter the text that you would like to appear within your ticker. When added, click OK.

Next, move your text over your ticker background.

Now you will need to apply a scroll to your text. Select your added ticker text, then select the Filters button.

Within the Filters popup, select the plus.png icon to add a Filter, then select the Scroll filter.

Next, adjust your Horizontal/Vertical Speed. When you adjust this, you will notice your text source in the background beginning to scroll. Keep adjusting until you find the desired scroll feed. If you would also like your text to continue looping, ensure that Loop is enabled. When finished, click Close.

Your ticker will now be added. We will now set this up within a DSK (Down Stream Keyer). Ensure you have the ticker Scene selected, then within the DSK panel, select an available DSK and select the plus.png icon to add your Scene as a DSK. If the DSK panel isn't fully visible, select the panel to enlarge.

Your ticker will now be added as a DSK. By selecting the  icon you can also apply a show/hide transition. This will make your ticker smoothly transition when running.

You are now ready to run your ticker DSK. Simply select your ticker Scene within your DSK panel to run. Your ticker will now appear on your program with the Show Transition applied.

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