Adding weather to a scene

Using StudioPro you can very easily add live weather into to your productions. This method can be used to display the weather conditions of a location in Standard (°K), Imperial (°F) or Metric (°C) readings. Weather data is recovered from OpenWeather's free API.

To achieve this, you will firstly need to obtain a API Key from OpenWeather. Navigate to OpenWeather and create an account.

Once logged in, select your user account from the top-right corner, then click My API Keys.

Copy the API Key displayed.

Once you have achieved your API Key, navigate to Enter your copied API Key into the OpenWeather's API Key field, then enter the weather location into the City field. Click Preview. Please note that if a "Bad API key." message appears within the Preview, this will be a result of the API key not being activated. API keys can take up to 2 hours to activate after registering your account.

You will now see a preview of your weather overlay on the right-hand side. Next, choose the language you would like to display your weather overlay in, and the measure unit format; Standard (°K), Imperial (°F) or Metric (°C).

In addition you can also toggle between light/dark theme, add the location to overlay, show next day's minimum, display a full weather description, and show min/max text. Click Preview to view your overlay.

Once you are happy with your overlay, resize the preview to your ideal size by dragging from the bottom-right of your preview.

Once happy with sizing, click Get URL.

Copy the URL. Make a note of the width set below the URL (e.g. 530px, 190px)

You are now ready to add your weather overlay to your StudioPro production. Select the Scene you would like to add your weather overlay too, then add a source.

Within the Sources window, locate and select the Brower Source. Click Add Source to add your Browser source.

Enter a friendly name for your weather overlay (i.e. Live Weather), then click OK to add your source.

In the Browser source properties, paste the URL copied into the URL textbox.

Next, enter the width set noted previously into the Width and Height fields. Click OK.

Your weather overlay will now be added into your production. You can now transform and position your overlay within your Scene.

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