Adding StreamElements overlays into scenes

StreamElements allows you to add attractive and engaging alerts and overlays to your productions. To learn more about StreamElements, visit the StreamElements website.

If you haven't already, you will need to firstly create a StreamElements account and create your alerts and overlays using the powerful StreamElements Overlay Manager.

Once you have created your overlays, visit the StreamElements dashboard. Within the Streaming tools section, select My overlays.

Select the  icon of the overlay of your choice, then click Copy URL.

Returning to StudioPro, select the Scene you would like to add your chosen StreamElements overlay to. Select the plus.png icon to add a source.

From the Sources dropdown, select Browser, then click Add Source.

Give your Browser source a friendly name (e.g. StreamElements Starting Overlay). Click OK.

Paste the copied StreamElements URL into the URL field. Click OK to add your overlay.

Your StreamElements overlay will now be added within your Scene. Simply repeat these steps for other overlays you wish to add.

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