Adding captions/subtitles to a scene

Using Web Captioner it is very easy to add captions/subtitles as part of your productions created in StudioPro. Adding captions/subtitles adds depth into your productions whilst also making your productions more accessible in numerous ways.

Firstly you will need to enable a Virtual Output to return your productions audio. To achieve this in StudioPro, open the settings by clicking the settings-icon.png icon from the left-hand side. Navigate to the Advanced tab.

Scroll to the Return Output Configuration section. Using one of the available channels, select Virtual Camera from the Type option, set Video to None and Audio to Program. Make a note of the Audio Input being used (i.e. CABLE-D). Lastly, click Start.

Next, open a new web browser and navigate to Web Captioner. From the bar on the bottom of the page, click Start Captioning.

You will be prompted to allow access to microphone, click Allow. Select the microphone symbol in the URL bar, then from the Microphone option, select the Audio Input device started in the last step (i.e. CABLE-D). Click Done

If there is voice audio coming through your Program, you will now see the Web Captioner beginning to display captions.

Once captioning, there are a number of settings available for language, shortcuts and customisation of font. Click the dots.png icon in the bottom-right corner, then click Settings. From here you can enable a language censor, and customise font, font colour, text size, line height, captitalization and more.

When you are happy with your configured Web Captioner settings, return to StudioPro and select the Scene that you would like to add your captions to, then add a source.

Within the Sources window, locate and select the Window Capture Source. Click Add Source to add your Window Capture source.

Enter a friendly name for your captions/subtitles (i.e. Web Captioner), then click OK to add your source.

In the Window Capture source properties, select the Window drop-down box then select your Web Captioner web browser. This will appear as [chrome.exe] Web Captioner - Google Chrome or similar. Disable the Capture Cursor option. Click OK.

Your Web Captioner will now appear on your scene. You can now transform your source to position, crop and resize your source. Crop your source to make sure the captions visible depending on your preference.

Your captions/subtitles will display within your Scene. In this example we have cropped and resized to display two lines of captions at one time. Please note that when captioning the Web Captioner browser source needs to be an active window to work properly.

If you would like to add captions/subtitles to multiple Scenes, simply add source > Window Capture > Add Existing > select your created Web Captioner source.

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