Adding a Countdown Timer to a scene

The Countdown Timer feature is a useful feature that can be used to display a countdown within your productions. This is useful for allowing time for viewers to join while also keeping viewers engaged. The countdown timer can also be used during ad breaks and other types of intermissions. With this Source it is very quick and easy to add a Countdown Timer to your StudioPro workflow.

To add a countdown timer, firstly select the Scene you wish to add your countdown timer to.

Click the plus icon within the Sources panel to add a source.


From the Sources dropdown menu, select Countdown Timer then click Add Source


Give the source a friendly name, click OK


The Countdown Timer properties will now appear. From here you can configure the mode, these available modes are:

  • Countdown - Allows you to set a countdown time in seconds with final text at the end. 
  • Countup -  Allows you to start a timer in seconds. 
  • Specific time - Allows you to set a specific time for the timer to countdown (with final text). 
  • Specific date - Allows you to set a specific date and time for the timer to countdown (with final text).


You can also change the format of your Countdown Timer; days, hours, minutes, seconds, tenths, hundreds and thousands.

The Countdown final text can be configured to display a string of text when your countdown timer reaches zero.


The Activation mode lets you choose whether you want to the timer to run automatically or only once you press start.  


As I've just alluded to, with Global set in the Activation Mode, press START/STOP to start your timer and press again to stop. 


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