Chromakeying a source and adding a background

It is very easy to chroma key your sources within your StudioPro productions.

To apply a chroma key and add a background, you'll first want a guest sat in front of a green screen or similar and brought in to your production in a scene. For best results it is important to have the screen evenly lit to get an even key.

To chroma key, select the source you would like to apply chroma key to, then click Filters


Right-click in the Effect Filters area, click Add, then select Chroma Key from the dropdown menu. 

Give the effect a friendly name if you wish. 


Select the appropriate Key Color Type (Green, Blue, Magenta or Custom). You can also adjust the available settings to achieve the best results.


Once your Filter is added, you are now ready to add your background. It is possible to use an image, video or any other source. Once your source is added, move it to the source below your chroma keyed source.


If the key doesn't look quite look right then go back into the filter settings and adjust until you are happy. You've just successfully chromakeyed a source and added a background. 

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