Adding an Instant Replay source to a scene

You can quickly and easily create Instant Replays in your StudioPro productions. You can use the replay on all types of sources and for multiple different applications. This is useful for showing a replay of an incident on a live sports feed or show a replay of a reaction on your latest live stream. 

Firstly, you'll want to set a folder to save your replays. This is a good idea for keeping things organised and also, it enables you to save your replays and have them available to use again as media sources.

Open the settings window and click on the Output tab. From here you can set up the recording path for you replays and enable the ability to save recordings if required.


Next, scroll further and locate the Replay Buffer section. Enable the box named Enable Replay Buffer and then set the maximum amount of time you would like the replay to record. You will also get an estimated amount of memory this will use in MB.


Once you have enabled and configured the Replay Buffer, close the Settings window. Select the scene to add the Instant Replay source.

For this example we're going to use a Media source that we have already added to a Scene however this can be any Source. Within our Media source we have a football match playing, and another Scene where we can capture a goal to replay it in slow motion.

On the Replay scene, within the Sources window add an Instant Replay source. 

In the Instant Replay properties window click Start to start the Replay Buffer. This will start your Replay Buffer which will allow you to achieve a Replay.


From these properties you can also set whether you would like the replay to Loop, whether you would like the replay end after it's played. You can also set the speed using the slider to achieve a slow motion effect.


In order to capture the goal and create the replay, you need to click Instant Replay after the goal has been scored (or after the action you would like to replay has taken place). The Instant Replay source will then capture the amount of time set in the Buffer and create an instant replay of the goal to show again within your Replay scene. This can also be configured as a Hotkey within the StudioPro settings.

Once you have clicked Instant Replay, or pressed your Instant Replay hotkey, you'll see the replay populate the Properties window for the Instant Replay source. You can view the replay there to check that you captured what you wanted to. Once you're happy with it, you can click OK and transition it into the program feed. 

You have now successfully created an instant replay using the Instant Replay source in QuickLink StudioPro.

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