Configuring the Audio Bus

You can use the Audio Bus to configure your mix minus or set up an Aux output to send to a different destination. By creating a mix-minus you can ensure your contributors are unable to see or hear themselves when returning a program return or using different contribution platforms.

Within the settings, navigate to the Audio tab, then scroll to the Audio Bus section.


Select the devices that you would like within your auxiliary outputs (Aux 1-10). Selected sources will return on any output you set to that Aux as an audio output, while deselected sources will be excluded.


Selecting the Mono option will force the audio device to mono channel.


From here you can also change Balance, allowing you to define the stereo panning of the audio between left and right.


In addition, the audio delay option will allow you to add artificial delay to your audio signal to match video with a delay.


When configured, click Apply then OK to save your changes.


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