Adding Amazon Music audio to a scene

Using StudioPro it is very easy to add Amazon Music audio to your productions, allowing you to play music during your live streams. Just like adding Spotify or iTunes (Apple Music) audio into a scene, there are two different methods of adding Amazon Music audio to your production:   

  1. Desktop Audio: Add Amazon Music audio which includes other system audio.
  2. Virtual Cables: Only add audio from Amazon Music with no other desktop sources. (Recommended)

Using Desktop Audio

Firstly you will need to ensure that Desktop Audio is enabled, which will be visible within the Audio Mixer. If Desktop Audio isn't showing in the Audio Mixer, you can very easily enable it from Settings. Click the settings-icon.png icon to open the Settings, then navigate to the Audio tab. 

Under the Audio Devices section, select Desktop Audio, then change from Disabled to the device that you would like to use for Desktop Audio. Selecting Default will use your systems default audio device. Click Apply and OK.


The Desktop Audio device will now be listed within your Audio Mixer.

You are now ready to add Amazon Music into your production. Ensure that the Amazon Music application is open. If you do not have Amazon Music on your system, you can download and install from the Amazon website. From StudioPro, select the Scene you wish to add your Amazon Music audio to, then click Add Source.

Select Window Capture from the drop-down, then click Add Source.


Give your Source a friendly name (i.e. Amazon Music). 


Within the Window option, select [Amazon Music.exe]. If you do not see this option, make sure the application is open and maximised. Un-check the Capture Cursor option. Click OK.


Your Amazon Music window will now appear within your production. You can now transform your window and apply a crop by selecting your Amazon Music Source, then clicking Transform and Edit Transform. Get it looking just how you want it! 

We would then recommend adding this as a DSK so that you can bring it in and out of any scene as you see fit. For more info on DSKs see the article here

Your Amazon Music source is now added to your production.


Using Virtual Cables

For more control of your audio or you have other applications running on your Desktop which might get captured by Desktop Audio such as Zoom or Teams calls, then you can select a specific device for Amazon Music to output to. 

Open Sound mixer options settings in Windows. 


Locate the Amazon Music application and then set the Output Device to an unused Virtual Cable.


Head back to StudioPro, select the Scene you wish to add your Amazon Music audio to, then click Add Source. From the dropdown, locate Audio Input Capture, then click Add Source.


Give your Source a friendly name (i.e. Amazon Music Audio). Click OK. 


From the Device dropdown, select the Virtual Cable that you set in the sound mixer options, then click OK.


You have now successfully added Amazon Music audio to your production!

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