One-to-One Room

The One-to-One Room brings a spin on the popular PRO Room with the added advantage of video previews. Essentially, a One-to-one Room is a room where guest or servers can participate in a high-quality two-way call.

To add a One-to-One Room click the plus icon and select ONE-TO-ONE

Add one to one room.png

A One-to-One room will be added. To configure and start using your room, press START ROOM, then wait until your room launches.

One your room has started, you are ready to configure your One-to-One Room. Hover over the room and click the edit-room-icon.png icon to open the settings.

To change the Data Rate, open the dropdown menu and make your selection. This can be set from 128KB up to 10MB.

You can set the Audio Mode to be either Echo Cancellation, 2 Channel or Lazy IFB.

  • Echo Cancellation is suitable for when you have guests without headsets on. This mode cancels out any speech being picked up by another guest's speakers. Cancelling out the echo, as the name suggests. 
  • If you have two guests both wearing headsets or headphones with built in microphones, then 2 Channel audio will provide you with the best audio quality. 
  • Lazy IFB (Lazy Interruptible Foldback) is for when you have a second channel of talkback set up for a guest. This can be activated either by clicking the Lazy IFB button at the bottom of the screen or by pressing the spacebar. 


You can also rename your One-to-One Room from this settings window. When you have finished configuring your settings, click SAVE.


Within the Settings, you can also select the Information tab, from here you can view the IP Address and DNS Address of your One-to-one Room.


Initiating a call

Once you have configured your room settings and have your devices ready, you are ready to initiate a call. Drag your devices from the device list on the left-hand side into the two room seats. If you have Previews enabled, you will see the video and audio bars of your devices, otherwise this will display as icons depending the device type.

Once your call is initiated, you have the open to listen to devices within the One-to-one Room. This is done by toggling the PFL (pre-fade listen) button.

You also have the ability to provide talkback to your device, this is done by toggling the TALKBACK button.

When the call is initiated, you can also remotely control the audio and video of each device in the One-to-one Room. If you wish to mute a participant or device, you can do so by toggling the mirphone-icon.png icon. You can also enable/disable video of a participant or device by toggling the video-icon.png icon. When unmuting/starting the video of a remote guest, a prompt will be sent to confirm the action.

When you are ready end the call, simply drag one of both devices out of the seats into the device list on the left-hand side.

When you have finished, you can stop your One-to-One Room by clicking STOP ROOM.

You will be prompted to confirm, click YES. PLEASE NOTE: If your room isn't stopped manually, it will automatically stop after 6 hours of inactivity.

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