Commentary Room

The Commentary Room is a room where a single high-quality feed can be sent to 4 commentators, you can then pull their audio feeds separately to another server channel. 

An example of how this room would be used would be to send high-quality video and audio of a football match to 4 commentators, all commentating on the same match in different languages. By placing a Quicklink Server channel in the spaces below, you can then gather discrete audio outputs from each commentator. Using this room it is also possible to have all commentators collaborate on the same match using an Audio Conferencing option.

Firstly you will need to configure your Commentary room. To do this, hover over the room and select the edit-room-icon.png icon. pencil.png

This will bring up the Room Settings window. The first thing you'll see you can change is the Data Rate. To set this, open the drop down menu and select a rate up to 10Mb.


For a commentary workflow where you would like commentators to collaborate on the same match and be able to hear each other, enable the Audio Conferencing option. 


You can also rename your room, this is useful if you have multiple Commentary rooms.


You are now ready to initiate your Commentary call. Drag your distributing Quicklink Server channel into the single left-hand space. Then drag your Quicklink Playout Servers and guests into the spaces on the right-hand side.


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