Talkshow Room

The Talkshow room is room type where guests can view a single program return and be promoted to communicate with the program. Other guests are able to view the program and the guest in the 'hot seat'. An example usage of this room is a talk show or interview environment. The default for this room is 6 guests, however this can be increased to 24, please contact the QuickLink Sales team to discuss the number of guests connected to a Talkshow room.


Adding and configuring a Talkshow Room

To add a Talkshow Room, hover over the Add Room icon, then click TALKSHOW. Once added click START ROOM.

Add a Talkshow room.png

Next you will need to configure your room. Hover over the Talkshow room then click the room settings icon.


Select the data rate of your room, this can be adjusted from 128Kb up to 10Mb. Please be aware there will need to be sufficient bandwidth for the call quality to be the highest possible.


From the Room Settings you can also change the Audio Mode, Audio Rate, room name and more. You can also change the waiting size from 2 to 6.


The Playout option allows you to add spaces for playout below each of the guest spaces. This is useful if you would also like discrete video/audio of guests in the viewing environment.


Lastly you are also able to configure what you would like room participants to see the video and audio of the live caller, or audio only. Once configured, click SAVE to save your room configuration.



Initiating a Talkshow

Once you have configured your Talkshow room, you are ready to introduce your guests. Drag your Program Return device into the space furthers on the right.


Next, drag the guests you would like to participate in your Talkshow Room into the 1-6 spaces.


You are now ready to promote your guest into the 'hot seat' (live). Select a guest, this will outline them in green, then click the CUT button.


Your selected guest will now be placed in the 'hot seat' and will be outlined in red. This guest will now be able to communicate with the Program Return.


To promote a new guest into the 'hot seat', simply select them in the guest space and hit CUT.


To eject a guest from the 'hot seat' simply click the eject-button.png button.


You will be prompted to confirm, click YES.



Talkshow Room control

There are a number of control options available for guests in a Talkshow Room. Pressing the mirphone-icon.png icon will allow you to mute a guests audio, while pressing the video-icon.png icon will allow you to stop a guests video. To request the unmute a guests microphone press the microphone-disabled-icon.png icon, to request the start of a guests video press the video-disabled-icon.png icon.


Toggling the PFL button below a guest allows you to listen to the audio of the selected guest. Toggling the TALKBACK button allows you to talkback to the selected guest. The microphone and speaker devices used for PFL and TALKBACK are configured in the Audio tab of Settings & Preferences.


It is also possible to PFL or TALKBACK to all participants using the buttons next to the TALKSHOW Room name.


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