Point-to-point Room

A point-to-point or Pro room is a room where guests or servers can participate in a high quality two-way call. This room type is identified with a PRO label or SECURE RELAY when using QuickLink's CSR (Corporate Secure Relay) option.

What sets the Pro room apart is the ability to set a data rate of up to 10MB and being able to lock the room, making it extra stable and secure. 

If you don't see any Pro Rooms in your portal, you can add one by clicking the green plus.png icon and then selecting PRO from the list. Repeat this process to add more Pro Rooms. You have access to an unlimited amount! 

Before bringing in any guests or servers into a Pro room, you will firstly need to configure it. To do so, click the Room cog.png next to the room name to option the room settings. 

Open settings.png

This will open the Room Settings window. From here you have the ability to change the name of your room. 

Room name.png

You can set the Data Rate anywhere from 128Kb to 10Mb. 

Data rate.png

You can also set the Audio Rate from 32Kb to 521Kb. 

Audio rate.png

Once you have configured your settings, click Save to save your changes. 


In the Secure Relay option you have the added function of setting the Audio Mode in the Room Settings. 

Secure audio mode.png

Bare in mind, in order to use these specific settings for a guest (such as Lazy IFB) within a Secure Relay room, you will need to have it set in the Room Settings. Note: The Audio Rate is set as standard to 128Kbps. 

Secure audio mode 2.png

To initiate a call, drag and drop a guest and a server into marked areas. 

Initiate a call.png

This will immediately start the call and you will notice the room status change from Vacant to In Call and the red light will indicate that the call is in progress.

Pressing the In Call button will stop the call and you will see that button now says Waiting. Press it again to restart the call.


To lock the room, click the padlock next to the room name. Now you cannot move any guests or servers out of the room until the room is unlocked. In addition, if the user or server within the room drop out, they are automatically re-entered into the room.


While in a call, you can very quickly disable a device or guests video by clicking the camera.PNG  icon. To request the other user to re-enable it, click the re-enable.png icon. 

You can also disable and request to re-enable audio by clicking mute2.PNGand unmute2.PNGrespectfully. 

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