QuickLink Corporate Secure Relay (CSR)

CSR greatly reduces network implementation complexity by reducing the number of ports that need to be opened. This makes it an ideal technology to use when implementing the QuickLink StudioCall production platform on heavily restricted corporate networks.




The above example illustrates the dataflow between an ST500 at the location of the talent who is connected to an ST100 located at a Studio in the business premises. The production is being managed both at the Studio (PORTAL MGMT) and from another computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world (REMOTE PORTAL MGMT). The StudioCall, ST100 and both PORTAL MGMT and REMOTE PORTAL MGMT would need to be able to make outbound connections to the Portal, Socket IO, signalling and dedicated Quicklink servers. 

Connections to the Portal, Socket IO and signalling servers are all made on TCP port 443. Connections to your dedicated service are made on TCP port 443 and TCP/UDP ports 20,000 - 40,000 (This port range can be reduced further if required).

Your QuickLink dedicated service IPs will be provided Live & Failover Network information to the other servers can be found here.

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