What IP address range do I need to open up for my rooms to work?

When you create an On Demand room in your QuickLink StudioManager portal, it will be created in your particular region using an IP address gathered from the AWS pool of available IP addresses. The list of IP address ranges that AWS utilises can be found here...

However, if you wish to have a Static IP address for a room then please contact subscriptions@quicklink.tv and we would be happy to set this up for you. 

If you're happy with your room to take an address from Amazon's pool, you can find out which range that is going to be in by cross referencing the IP address of a room and the ip-ranges.json found on the page above. Note: what region your room is created in depends on where you access the portal from so make sure you access the portal from where you would normally operate it. 

Start a room and then open the settings window. 

Open room settings.png

Select the information tab.

Info tab.png

Make a note of the IP address. 

IP address.png

Look for that range on the AWS IP address range document.

Find the range.png

Once you've found your range, it will tell you the region your VPC was set up in and any subsequent VPCs are likely to be set up in. In this case eu-west-2.

If you need to, you can then open up that range on your network so that your rooms will always function properly. 

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