Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is a room where participants can be placed in to form a waiting/green room. The default size of a waiting room is 12 but this can be increased upon approval by the QuickLink Sales Team. In The Waiting Room, one source is played out to all participants. 

The first step is to add a Waiting room to your portal. To do so, click the green plus.png icon to bring up the On Demand Rooms list. This will reveal the list of rooms available for you to add. Note: By default you will be allowed 1 Waiting room but if you wish to have more, contact your QuickLink sales rep. 

With the room list displayed, select Waiting. 

Add waiting room.png

You have now successfully added a Waiting Room to your portal. Once you are ready to start configuring your Waiting room, click Start Room. 


You will see a progress bar to represent the process of you room being created. This can take up to 90 seconds as the room will be created specifically for you in your specific region. Note: The IP address of your room will be dynamic however, if you require a static IP address again, speak to your QuickLink sales rep.


Once the process is complete and your room has been created, you will see your Waiting room ready to configure in your portal. 


Before introducing your participants to the Waiting Room you will need to configure it. Hover over your empty Waiting room, then select the edit-room-icon.png icon. 

Select the data rate of your room, this can be adjusted from 128Kb up to 4Mb. Please be aware there will need to be sufficient bandwidth for the call quality to be the highest possible.


In addition to Data Rate, you can set whether Audio Conferencing is enabled or disabled. With this enabled, your participants will be able to speak to each other within the room. When disabled, they will only be able to see and hear the main source. 


Under that we have the ability to turn your Waiting Room into an Auto Connect Room. What this means is that instead of having to drag guests into the room itself, with Auto Connect enabled and a program return being sent, they automatically connect to the room. 

To enable this, check the tick box next to Auto Connect



Here's an example of what the Auto Connect Waiting Room looks like with program return sent back form Quicklink StudioPro and 1 User connected. 

Finally, you can give your Waiting Room a name that makes sense to your workflow. 


Once you're happy with your settings, click Save. 


To bring people into the Waiting Room, simply click and drag the guest into a free seat in the standard Waiting Room or start sending back a program return to the Waiting Room when set to Auto Connect. 

Waiting Room monitoring/previewing

Please note: You will need to have a program return or server in the main feed position before you can drag in guests. 

While participants are in the Waiting Room, you can monitor their video and audio by opening up the Preview Window. To do so, click the preview-icon.png icon. 

To see and hear your guests, you'll need to Start Video Tiling

Once in this view, you can monitor people's audio by making sure you have a functioning monitoring device selected. 

You can also mute all participant audio by clicking Mute All

Pressing Show Information will bring up statistics for each caller in the room. 

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