Audio Mixer

All audio devices, program audio and enabled aux devices will appear in the Audio Mixer of the StudioPro interface. From the Audio Mixer you can monitor audio and audio levels, adjust volume levels, mute audio and apply constant audio.

Within a project, the Audio Mixer is displayed towards the bottom of the interface as highlighted below:


Active audio devices (sources within a scene currently in Program), will display with the title highlighted in green. In addition, by selecting the PGM tab, you can easily view all active sources within the scene in Program.

The volume slider bar allows you to adjust the audio volume levels of a audio device. The dB indicator will display the current volume of the audio device. The audio-mute.png icon will allow you to quickly mute/unmute a source.

Constant audio across all scenes can be achieved by selecting the ON icon. Enabling this option will allow the audio of the selected source to be active across all scenes until turned off. This feature is useful when requiring an audio source across all scenes without adding the source to every scene within your production.

From the Audio Mixer you are also able to monitor individual sources that appear in a scene, the program and aux buses. For more information on this, please refer to the Monitoring audio in the Audio Mixer article.

For interface simplicity within a project with many audio devices, audio devices can be grouped. For instructions on this, please refer to the Grouping audio in the Audio Mixer article.


Volume meter zones

The volume meter within the Audio Mixer is made up of three zones signified by green, orange and red.


There are explained as follows:

  • Green zone: All general audio including music, source audio and sounds should remain in the green zone.
  • Orange zone: This zone should be used for speech.
  • Red zone: This zone should be avoided as it can cause audio clipping.
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