Streaming to Amazon Live

Using Cre8 is is extremely easy to create productions and stream to Amazon Live, a fantastic tool for driving discovery and connecting with shoppers. PLEASE NOTE: Currently Amazon Live is only available in United States to vendors who have a Store and professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. More information here.

To stream to Amazon Live you will firstly need to download and sign-in to the Amazon Live Creator iOS app. Available here.

Once logged in, follow the on-screen instructions to set up a stream. Add a thumbnail image, your products, title and start time. You can also toggle Practice mode which will allow you to test your stream and not appear on Amazon's Live page.


Within the Video source, click Phone camera.


Select External camera, then click Get URL and steam key. Your URL and stream key will be sent via email, make a note of these. Click Save.


Returning to Cre8, open the settings by selecting the settings-icon.png icon.

Within the Stream tab, under RTMP click Add Target.


Enter a name for your target (i.e. Amazon Live). Enter the URL copied earlier and paste into RTMP Server. Next, copy the Stream key copied and paste into RTMP Key. The Video/Audio Settings allow you to further configure your stream settings. When ready, save your stream settings by clicking OK.


Now you have configured your Amazon Live stream settings, you are now ready to start streaming. To start streaming, open the settings again by clicking the settings-icon.png icon. Within the Stream tab, select the Start Streaming button alongside your new Amazon Live target.


Once your stream had started, a stream duration timer will appear. When finished, to stop streaming simply select the Stop Streaming button.

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