Stream simultaneously in 16:9 (horizontal) and 9:16 (vertical)

With StudioPro it is possible to stream to multiple different destinations in different aspect ratios. This is a game changer if you're hoping to stream to YouTube (horizontal) and Instagram (vertical) from the same Project.

This is achievable with the use of Mixes and the Advanced Streaming settings. You can apply these settings to both RTMP and SRT streams.

To begin you will firstly need to change your canvas size, that it is big enough to add both 1920x1080 and 1080x1920 sources. Open up the Settings window and navigate to the Video tab. 


Change the Base and Output to 1920x1920. Then click Apply and OK.


You'll now see a larger canvas to work with so, any 1920x1080 sources will appear along the top.

While 1080x1920 sources will appear aligned left.

Next you'll want to set to activate a Mix. Do achieve this, open the settings and navigate to the Advanced tab. Create a Mix by selecting Mix for the Video and Audio.


Now you have a Mix set up, you can use your main Program to operate and stream out in 1920x1080 (horizontal) and the Mix to operate and stream out in 1080x1920 (vertical). For more information of setting up and operating Mixes, see here

Next you will need to configure your Stream Settings. Open up the settings window and navigate to the the Stream tab. Add a stream target for your 1920x1080 destination and one for your 1080x1920 destination. In this case, we will add RTMP targets to stream to YouTube and Instagram.


To set up each stream, click Modify.


Now you can put in a name for the Stream and paste in your URL and Key. For more information on how to get these for YouTube and for Instagram, see here and here

Under Video Settings, change Setting to Custom.


Set the Resolution to 1920x1080 and Crop for the YouTube stream.


Do the same for the other stream target but set the resolution to 1080x1920.


You'll also need to set the Video to Mix 1


Set the Audio Settings to Custom, and set the Track to Mix1. When happy with your settings, click OK.


Once your project is completely set up and you're happy to begin, you can Start Streaming.


You'll see indicators and timers to show you that both streams are running and for how long.

You are now streaming simultaneously 16:9 to your defined target, and 9:16 to an alternative defined target.

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