Streaming to SRT

Using QuickLink StudioPro you can very easily stream your productions out to SRT.

To achieve this, open up the Settings menu by selecting the settings-icon.png icon.


Within the Settings, ensure the Stream tab is selected. Make sure the SRT option is enabled and click Add Target


Here you can input all your SRT Stream settings. In the top box give your stream a name. 


In the Hostname box, enter the External IP Address of where you want to send to. Choose a port to send to as well. 10000 being the default. 


You can set the latency of your SRT stream. By default this is set to 200ms.


Lastly if you would like to configure custom video and audio output settings that are different to your Project set settings, you can achieve this here. When you're happy click OK.


When you are ready to start streaming your production to your configured SRT output, simply press the START STREAMING option from the bottom right-hand corner of StudioPro.


Your StudioPro production will now begin streaming to SRT. A timer will appear to display the duration of your stream. To end your SRT output, simply click STOP STREAMING.

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