QuickLink StudioManager portal disconnects and reconnects

Sometimes you have remote guests who are connected to the QuickLink StudioManager using a poor connection and even if your guest has a good connection, there is still a chance they could drop out for a number of other reasons.

It is useful to know how the QuickLink StudioManager deals with these situations, and what happens if you lose a guest.

If a caller is in a live call in the portal and they lose connection, a freeze of the last frame of video will be held in the call for 30 seconds.

If the connection is re-established within 30 seconds, the call will continue on as before.

However, if they do not manage to re-establish a connection within 30 seconds the call will go to 'Vacant'.

If the caller joins the portal again after that time then they will automatically be put back into the same seat they vacated.

To activate the call again, toggle the In call button.

If a caller disconnects but a new caller if placed in the seat they left before they reconnect again then they will re-join the portal in the device list. 

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