Managing the settings of a contributor on a mobile device

From the QuickLink StudioManager, you can adjust various settings of the available users.

Click the COG.png icon on a mobile user to bring up the settings window. 


From here you can adjust their input audio/video device, audio gain, audio mode i.e. stereo or mono and select their video input resolution.


For a detailed description of the 3 audio modes available and how to configure lazy IFB, please refer to the Desktop and laptop settings (Chrome browser).

When using a browser on a mobile device, there are 2 audio modes available as follows:

  • 2 Channel: uses both channels 1 and 2
  • Echo Cancellation: uses 1 channel with echo cancellation

For guest accounts, a Remove Guest option will appear to remove a guest from your QuickLink StudioManager. To remove a guest, select the true option and close the popup.

The ’View Preview’ button will allow you to preview the incoming video and audio from the contributor. You will also be able to talk back to your contributor through the preview popup by unmuting the audio input icon.

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