Screen sharing from guests

Within QuickLink StudioCall calls, guests have the option to share their screen as with other video conferencing platforms. When a guest activates screen share, you are able to pull high-quality audio and video of the shared screen using the QuickLink StudioManager.


How a guest shares their screen

Guests can very easily choose to share their screen from the tool bar when in a Point-to-point (PRO) or Conference room. Guests can share an entire display, a specific window or a Google Chrome tab. Please note, that if a guest is screen sharing on Mac OS, they will firstly need to enable a setting within System Preferences. Instructions on how to achieve this can be found in the Unable to screen share on Mac OS Knowledge Base article.

To activate screen sharing within a call, click the Share Screen icon from the bottom in-call tool bar.

Your guest will now have the option to share an entire screen, an open window or a Chrome tab. 


A guest can also share audio by enabling the Share system audio option. This is useful when sharing videos or other content where audio is important.


Once your guest has chosen what they want to share, they can simply click Share to begin sharing. In this example we will show a PowerPoint presentation.


The screen share will now display. If a guest shares within a Conference room, all participants of the room will focus onto the screen share, and other participants will tile on the right-hand side.

To stop screen sharing, your guest must simply click Stop Sharing.


Pulling your guests screen share

Within a Conference Room you can pull the audio and video of your guests screen share in high-quality. This is displayed within the Conference room as Screen Share.

To pull the audio and video from a guests screen share, simply drag an available Server channel into the available Screen Share space.

From your QuickLink Control Panel, you can now select More Features > Studio Input/Output Preview to view your guests screen share.

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