Viewing device stats of a contributor

Using the QuickLink StudioManager it is possible to easily view statistics of your contributors device and connection to the QuickLink StudioManager. Stats displayed include packets lost, frame rate, frame size, data rate and more.

To enable this option, open the user menu by selecting your user in the top left corner, then select Advanced Settings.

Within the Advanced Settings popup, enable Show Stats Button. Then click Save.

Once enabled, a new icon will appear below your contributor devices when in a Point-to-point. Select the stats-icon.png icon to open the statistics popup.

Within the Statistics window, packets lost, frame rate, frame size and data rate is displayed. Statistics are broken down into the following sections:

  • A - Available call bandwidth
  • B - Audio sent from server
  • C - Video sent from server
  • D - Audio received from device
  • E - Video Received from device

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